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Mega Altaria

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Mega Altaria

Mega Altaria’s body is enveloped in its unique feathers, which glimmer with an iridescent sheen. They have grown even larger as a self-protective measure. It sings with a voice that is even more beautiful than before it Mega Evolved. It has a sociable personality and is not timid. 

When it Mega Evolves, Altaria’s type changes, and it becomes a Dragon- and Fairy-type Pokémon! It has the Pixilate Ability, which makes Normal-type moves into Fairy-type moves. Its Attack and Sp. Attack also get big boosts, and its Defense is increased as well. Its usefulness won’t be limited to the contest stage!

  • Category :     Humming Pokémon
  • Type:             Dragon/Fairy
  • Ability:           Pixilate
  • Height:          4’11”
  • Weight:         45.4 lbs.
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Team Kalos.

Generation VI Wallpaper, by arkeis.

Which Pokemon from the most recent region are your favorite?

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Although this misses all the beautiful improv and off-the-wall references and multi-layered jokes, it’s a pretty solid synopsis of the show.

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Throughout Super Smash Bros. History - Charizard

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★ Shiny Charizard & Shiny Mega Charizard X/Y

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